Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More time off!

I've been missing the time I used to spend doing Web work and studying Wikipedia, so I've arranged to work only four days a week instead of five. I may be taking three midweek days off instead of two.

I have turned over the 'tacking up' job to one of our stable hands, Randolph. This saves me a half hour a day of work: grooming Bonnie, harnessing and hitching her to the carriage.  And giving cash tips to Randolph gets me some good suvival tips.

I'm gathering up pictures of one stop of my route using Google Maps "street view". I'm planning to build a short slide show featuring the Napoleon House, the Royal Orleans, and the Supreme Court buildings, using an audio recording from my 1/2 hour buggy tour. Click Follow this blog in the right column to get notices when things changer here....