Sunday, September 21, 2008

Some time next week, I will get my city Buggy Driver License. During the week I’ll be at the beck and call of Red the wrangler at Royal Carriages. He will continue training me and will match me up to my own mule, who I will drive for 5 days, 35 hours a week, starting the Monday, 9/29. I have agreed to work for a one-month trial period.

It’s like going back to the farm for me... I love animals. I rode and worked the farm’s mule Sarah in my teens. These trained mules are intelligent, handsome, gentle creatures, and get excellent care.

It’s been 12 years since I had a full time job. My calendar is clear except for evening dance sessions: Irish sets on Tuesdays, folk dance on Thursdays, and fais-do-do on Sundays, so I’m not a candidate for the 4-11pm shift.

The Royal Carriage stables are in Marigny, and are kept very neat. 30 mules, about 15 carriages. The buggies are beautifully maintained, historically accurate replicas from 19th century models. The mules and buggies seem right at home in the neighborhoods we tour.

It's been quite an adventure already. Web mastering is so solitary, I want more face time. I really want to try this while I'm still young!